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CNN Türk – Afiş. 31.07.2012. Go to minute 06:00! (Press “Anketi Geç” if you get a pop up.)

Great little item announcing our album release, with interview in Fleurkish with Fleur Odylle and Turkish with Bora and Koray, mixed with images of our release concert in Ghetto.


Balcony TV Istanbul, June 2012.

Think of a nice house with view on the balcony, Fleur Odylle, Emre, Bora, the team of Balcony TV, drinks, a playstation, food… and o yeah I almost forgot, we played “Inside Jokes” acoustic.



Açık Radyo – Dağanık Odası. 02.05.2012

Turkey's oldest independent radio station. Think a tiny tiny room filled with 6 people, 5 musicians, 4 instruments and three microphones. Interviews with all of us, mixed with Odylle songs –  of which  we played half live! 

NTV Radyo -Cazın Büyüsü

 Think of a jazz-crazy surgeon who spends his free time making a radio program on jazz for one of Turkey's serious stations. Interview with Bora and Fleur Odylle, mixed with songs from our album.


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